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Tainted Nightmare

Upcoming article: Antidepressant Nightmare

Article summary - This article is now appearing as the series "prescribed deletion", on this site. has recieved over 230 megabytes (30,000 pages) of confidential documents from a concerned employee of Glaxo Smith Kline/Beecham, manufacturer of popular antidepressants such as Paxil.

These documents confirm that it is well known among antidepressant manufacturers that their products permanently damage or destroy the emotional existence of those who take them, even after years of being off the drugs.

The drugs are specifically designed to cause the death of most, if not all of the frontal lobes, leaving those who take them expressing emotion via memory of what should be expressed, rather than via genuine feeling. The mode of action is to cause emotional neurons to switch on until they die from overexertion. After repeated regeneration of emotional neurons, followed by repeated cellular death (a period of time taking 9 months on average) most people who take antidepressants remain emotionally muted if not completely dead, with only the ability to feel anger, fear, or nothing remaining. After reading these documents, I have concluded that antidepressants are the root cause of the cold heartedness and selfishness now becoming prevalent in American society.

These documents confirm that Glaxo does indeed know how damaging it's products are, and in contrast to studies they conducted which clearly confirmed that when taken by healthy people they only do harm, Glaxo took the study results and then used them to recommend to doctors to prescribe dosages and behaviors that maximized the damage to those who take them. The documents also serve as a solid indictment of the FDA, which was told the truth and went along with it.

The most damning study involved a perfectly healthy group of college students. One group was given a placebo for 8 weeks. Another group was given Paxil for 8 weeks, and told to remain sedentary. A third group was given Paxil for 8 weeks and then rigorously excercised. 44 weeks after exposure the placebo group was normal, the sedentary group which took Paxil for 8 weeks was moderately damaged, and the third group which was rigorously excercised while on Paxil was destroyed, having severe emotional/relationship/motiviational problems as well as an enduring state of physical fatigue. And that is after only 8 weeks of exposure!

Glaxo then went on to recommend people excercise while on Paxil.

This article will contain testimony of family members who watched people die emotionally while on antidepressants, testimonies of artists and musicians who took them lamenting their ability to be creative get permanently destroyed by antidepressants, brain scans which prove the frontal lobes are dead, and really interesting testimony of experienced drug addicts who have taken everything from meth to pot to heroin, stating that antidepressants are the king of all drugs, far dirtier and nastier than anything else.

Antidepressansts often cause people to become a supernova of beauty and well being, for a period of a few weeks to months as everything that once made them beautiful is driven to its maximum and held there until it dies from overexertion. They then slowly fade into a dark and numb state of nothingness. Since the neurons in the brain itself cannot send a pain signal to alert an individual to the destruction taking place, it all happens without complaint. Headaches are felt from inside the walls of blood vessels, not neurons. Neurons die quietly.

Antidepressants affect only the frontal lobes, which leaves those who take them able to function in a logical sense, which hides the true magnitude of how horrible and damaging they are, and the fact that people can still function as zombies and work while on them and after taking them is being used to cover up the true horror of what they really do.

This article will be approximately 50 pages long, and extensively documented, as well as have the classified internal documents linked in a zipped folder. Expect it to post sometime in July. (that is if I am still online!)

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