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Full analysis: Smallest toy rocket on market used for "Hamas rocket launch" newscast

Rockets ARE being fired at Israel, but it is not Hamas doing it and the Hamas rocket launch video proves it. The real rockets are false flag attacks being done by Israel against Israel to justify leveling the Gaza strip so Israel can annex it.

Yesterday the Hindu press did a supposed broadcast of a hamas rocket launch, which "proves" those who are saying Hamas has no rockets are in error. But I knew there was something wrong with that video, (mainly the complete absence of any visible rocket) but there was more to it than that and last night I pondered and connected all the dots.

First and foremost, the most obvious points to be made are the fact that the types of rockets "Hamas" uses, even according to the IDF, are completely unguided and brainless point and hope rockets THAT WEIGH A MINIMUM OF 70 POUNDS and up to 130 pounds that need a guide rail to be launched. And the fact that guide rail is missing in the video is where they can be nailed in their fraud of this supposed "Hamas" rocket launch, and have it easily be proven that the rocket HAD TO have been a tiny three ounce rocket a 10 year old would buy at a toy store, over stuffed with a G sized engine that can lift a pound (to make the smoke) and has no military potential whatsoever.

How can it be proven that the rocket was a three ounce toy with an over sized motor as stated above?

Simple. Super small rockets of the type launched by 10 year olds take off so quickly that the wind hits the back fins and keeps the rocket straight before the rocket has a chance to pivot sideways and take a random course. This eliminates the need for a guide rail. Larger rockets which lack any guidance system (which would be true of any Hamas rocket as claimed by Israel) need to have a guide rail to keep them going straight until they get enough speed for wind to hit the back fins and keep them straight. And by larger, this means any rocket which weighs more than a can of soda pop and lacks an electronic controlled guidance system.

In the supposed "hamas rocket launch" video, the rocket is never seen, because it is too small to be seen, and additionally there is no guide rail for it in the video, which for a rocket of the type Israel claims Hamas is launching, would have been too long to even fit under the tent and OBVIOUSLY VISIBLE in the video. In the image to the left, a TWO POUND toy rocket is loaded onto its guide rail. This one is big enough to need certification. How big would the guide rail be for a 70 pound rocket?

The excess smoke seen in the video was the result of putting an over sized G scale engine in a small toy. ALL TOY ROCKETS HAVE IGNITION WIRES OF THE TYPE SEEN IN THE HAMAS ROCKET LAUNCH VIDEO, ANOTHER RED FLAG.

Where is the massive 70 pound rocket and guide rail in this screen capture to the left?

To sum it up, a PSY OP ROCKET LAUNCH of a souped up toy designed for a 10 year old that could hide behind that water tank justifies making 500,000 people homeless and killing thousands, THAT is the way the Jews do business, remember, the motto of the Mossad is "by way of deception thou shalt do war", THE FACT THEY FAKED THIS VIDEO WITH A TOY PROVES HAMAS HAS NO ROCKETS, And if they now produce something else showing something real, THAT will be fake too, once anyone screws up like this there is no going back. And another salient point - the lack of a guide rail in ANY of the psy op photos of Hamas rockets proves they are all fake, unguided rockets CANNOT LAUNCH WITHOUT ONE which means EVERY HAMAS ROCKET PHOTO OUT THERE IS FAKE, a point I overlooked myself. At least for the photo ops the "rockets" are on stands, but a stand is NOT a guide rail, and absent a guide rail which will allow a brainless unguided rocket to accelerate enough to have the wind hit the back fins and keep it going straight, any rocket that weights over a pound will spaghetti bowl through the air, making wild and erratic turns while getting nowhere until it crashes. Have you ever cut the stick off a bottle rocket and set it off? THAT is what will happen to ANY unguided rocket without a suitable launch rail, and the fact that the Hamas rockets are pictured without them proves the entire rocket psy op is FAKE. Israel is shooting guided rockets, WITH BRAINS into Israel, and knows exactly where they will hit.

And there is yet another huge laughable error in the video

IF In Israel's own words, the smallest rocket Hamas has weighs 70 pounds, the launch of a MINIMUM 70 pound rocket would have blown the man's guts out if he was stupid enough to stand behind it while setting it off the way the video showed, what he did was risky for even a large one pound G scale toy. There are so many things wrong with the video it won't pass muster with those who have even the most limited technical knowledge. Now, WHY DID ISRAEL FAKE THIS FOR THE CAMERAS?

August 5 2014

Purported "Hamas rocket launch video" shows neither a rocket nor a launch

If the purported "Hamas rocket" was real, the men could not have stood where they were and set it off, the back blast would have been too much. Greater caution is exercised with toy rockets, THE VIDEO IS A HOAX.

UPDATE: After seeing a few youtube vids of model rockets, I am calling it - the so-called "Hamas killer rockets" are nothing but toys with a total takeoff weight of less than two pounds, and the "launch video" makes it OBVIOUS, IF that video has a rocket at all.

If you wanted to front a rocket scam, THAT is how it would be done.

Right from the beginning, the reporter KNOWS it is a rocket launch that is about to happen, despite the fact that at no point in the video was any rocket ever visible. It is only claimed that is what is going on under the tent. Then voila! the tent gets moved away, and we are supposed to believe a branch on the ground is concealing the rocket. (this branch is in the top picture to the left and is not visible at all in the frame that is supposed to show a concealed rocket) THEN THE LAUNCH HAPPENS, AND IT IS NOT ON VIDEO, the camera pans only to a smoke plume after launch and I call B.S. on that, CAPTURING A ROCKET LAUNCH ON VIDEO ALWAYS HAS A ROCKET IN IT, HOW DID THAT GET MISSED?

Interesting it is that this video surfaced after it became obvious Hamas has nothing, if Hamas had anything at all it would be guns first second and third, fourth and fifth, and then grenades and in 8th place would be rockets. But Hamas has no guns and no grenades, because THOSE COULD ACTUALLY CAUSE UNINTENDED KILLS OF ISRAELI SOLDIERS, and rockets are a lot better story.

Study this video closely and try to see a rocket. Especially the nice boldly painted ones you see in the propaganda vids. It is supposed to be in picture 2, to the left. It is not there folks, and the fact that even the launch was missed screams SMOKE BOMB, I just do not buy it. The source video is Here

And at that, the smoke plume is THE SAME TYPE YOU SEE FROM A MODEL ROCKET LAUNCH, PERHAPS THEY SENT UP GI JOE WITH A PARACHUTE AND POKED SOMEONE'S EYE OUT WITH HIS LEFT BOOT BECAUSE THE CHUTE DID NOT OPEN. If this really was a rocket launch, the scale of the smoke screams LARGE TOY ROCKET FROM HOBBY SHOP (in this video a two pound rocket is loaded onto its guide rail) Compare the type and scale of the smoke, IT IS A MATCH! Perhaps THAT is why in the video you are never allowed to see it, THE TYPE OF SMOKE SAYS IT ALL, IF THERE WAS A LAUNCH, THE LAUNCH WAS A TOY ROCKET WITH A TOTAL LIFT CAPACITY OF LESS THAN TWO POUNDS, the type of toy shown in this video.

So since this question about Hamas rockets is beginning to be asked, someone, Possibly even this newscaster which could have never really known what was going on in that tent sent up a large toy to fake it all. Just watch both videos - the toy launch and the supposed Hamas rocket launch and think. I am just saying it as I see it, IF THE HAMAS ROCKET WAS REAL, THE MEN COULD NOT HAVE STOOD BEHIND IT AND SET IT OFF, THE BACK BLAST WOULD HAVE BEEN FAR TOO MUCH BECAUSE THE ROCKET WOULD NEED TO PUSH MORE THAN CARDBOARD INTO THE AIR and worse? If real, the rocket took off at an extremely shallow angle which would have put all back blast straight into the faces of the people launching it. If it was real they would have been DEAD. ANOTHER RED FLAG.


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