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Update: The police report from Sep 26 says there was a beheading. HOWEVER, my report is based upon the police interviews from the 25th, which mentioned no beheading. Bottom line? Iraq destroyed the ISIS psy op in America by publishing the fact that they knew "ISIS" was going to attack subways in America and London, and questioned how on earth America's NSA did not pick up on that (which obviously means it was an American operation in progress). This made doing the bombings not feasible for the CIA/Mossad. Since the zio scammers want their war in Syria, and need Americans hating Muslims to accomplish it, they then hatched a scam of "beheadings" as fake as Sandy Hook in America that were even more fake than the originals, nothing was produced that showed anything at all, just like Sandy Hook.

Jim Stone, Sep 26 2014


Multiple reports from immediately after the event mention nothing at all of any beheading. I found those reports and they are all here. This is not just a one hit wonder, it is a full on BUST with original newscasts and original posted reports. And if any of this gets wiped off the web, I have it ALL CACHED and will just re post.

This is how the story was yesterday, before over night someone wanted to make hay by flooding the internet with an Anti-Muslim beheading lie.

And here is double verification there was NO BEHEADING

Here is another report from a different source that Says the same thing and mentions no beheading

So obviously we had no beheading. But if that is not enough, there are three different video news reports from three different news channels of the police officer not mentioning any beheading on the day of the stabbing, and this officer went on the stand the next day, saying there was a beheading, when he mentions nothing of it at all in the original reports linked below. Obviously the CIA got ahold of him and told him to front a psy op for the war department.

Here is the 911 transcript, which mentions no beheading

Here is the original police interview, where no beheading was mentioned. It is this video and Other videos that prove Something is VERY WRONG with THIS VIDEO FROM THE NEXT DAY, WHERE THE SAME POLICE OFFICER HAS A WHOLE NEW STORY.



To other people in the alternative media: I know you hit this web site. Are you going to show people the truth about this? I certainly hope you do.

I have to go now, I have no internet as many people know, (because all cell modems get killed over this web site) and Starbucks is closing. Original report follows, I was completely right.

I find it odd that this "happened" right when war was needed in Syria. And still not a single photo of the crime scene of any sort at all, no photo of either of the victims as well, not before not after simply no photos at all, this reeks of a hoax. It has now been more than 24 hours since the event, WHY NO PHOTOS?

Colleen's Radaris profile says she worked in "protective services" which does not match her job description at the "beheading" scene.

This story reads like a psy op, where a drone was programmed by the CIA to do a job IF IT HAPPENED AT ALL. "recently converted to Islam" and "then tried to convert others" and "then beheaded co workers" reeks beyond belief, something is wrong with this especially since it was badly needed to get American support for killing abroad. I flatly do not believe any of it. Sandy Hook. JUST WATCH, EXACTLY LIKE SANDY HOOK AND THE BAT MAN SHOOTING NOT ONE PHOTO OF THIS WILL EVER SURFACE BECAUSE IT DID NOT HAPPEN. PICTURES OR NO BEHEADING HAPPENED, PERIOD. And we will see no pictures of the shooting, the aftermath, the injuries, or anything related to the other "stabbing victim" who survived, other than bogus bandages in a photo op, if even that.

UPDATE: There was another beheading within 5 miles of this two years ago, THIS is what gave them the idea for the current beheading story.


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