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Recompiled on April 24 2014


Two years on, and there is STILL no consulate in Benghazi, No funeral for Ambassador Stevens, NOTHING AT ALL except a "memorial service" absent any body that got done because this web site forced the issue.

The Benghazi psy op was a wag the dog all the way. It never happened. No Ambassador Stevens died, if he did, WHERE IS HE BURIED? And the U.S. State department web site NEVER had a consulate in Benghazi listed and still does not to this day.

This web site did a massive investigation into this and uncovered the hard truth - There was a CIA installation in a rented house in Benghazi, and they staged a fake event there for media consumption. If you want to know why no one ever got called on the carpet for Benghazi, it is because it was all a game to keep the public focused on a fake scandal so real events would be overlooked. Pity the landlord, who was likely the only victim.

I am sick and tired of how the alternative media dropped the ball on the "sandy hook" of the middle east, sick and tired of seeing wasted photons emanating from computer screens about Benghazi this, Benghazi that. And to see exactly why I am sick of it all, (especially if you are new here and did not see the coverage this site did) read on


Jim Stone, Freelance Journalist, with extensive help from James Farganne and Darren Brown, Sep 13 2012.

This will no doubt get plastered all over the web, but like just about anything I put up, it originated here. WE TOTALLY HAVE THE SCAMMING MEDIA BY THE BALLS HERE, WE CAN WAKE UP THE SHEEP WITH THIS, ARCHIVE AND POST!!!


So how, PRAY TELL, was a U.S. consulate raided there, people murdered there, and butt raped in the name of Mohammed? This is BEYOND wag the dog!

Here is the link to the Department of State web site, with a complete list of All U.S. embassies, consulates, and diplomatic missions world wide. There is one in Libya, obviously in Tripoli. And I will state right now that I have that Embassy page saved and captured, in case someone decides to bury this by faking Benghazi in for a while.

To further bolster this fact, Here is Google Maps of Benghazi Libya. Delete Benghazi Libya from the search window, and type the word EMBASSY or CONSULATE there. Because one does not exist in Benghazi, it will throw you to an alternative location near you. Here is the Wikipedia list, no doubt soon to be faked, it will happen fast here Wont last long and if any fakes get thrown in, well, there are TONS of lists out there, and I will just snag another. They can't bury this lie.

No wonder the Libyans are pissed! Is ANY of this real? Are there ANY embassy raids or riots happening ANYWHERE?

Many of you are worried about what is coming next. They handed us the silver bullet. Please use this bullet to shoot out the heart of the media werewolf, THIS IS THE BIG CHANCE. This lie is SO BRAZEN and SO OBVIOUS that it should be enough to tip the balance and destroy the credibility of CNN, FOX, ABC, YOU NAME IT, ONCE AND FOR ALL WITH ANYONE.

This article has withstood the scrutiny of several people on the forum who worked through the night to protect the credibility of this web site (and I thank them). One of them pointed out THIS ARTICLE, which speaks of the reopening of the U.S. embassy in Tripoli on August 27, which had to be rebuilt new after the war. Don't let this confuse you, there is no Benghazi embassy, consulate, or diplomatic mission too new to be in any record.

I would buy the scenario of the ambassador getting killed IF it involved the following: The Ambassador bought a new personal vehicle, drove it to a friends house and got attacked there by the Mossad or other intelligence agency and murdered. I won't buy one line of the official story, because:

Here we have the video being produced by an Egyptian Ex Patriate, and no one present while the compound was being burned

Here we have the ambassador dying while the compound was being burned:

Here we have the ambassador dying in his car when it was hit by an RPG (CNN no less!)

Here we have the ambassador dying after being raped in the name of Mohammed

Here we have the MSM backpedaling saying NO NO, we did not say that, it's YOUR fault!

Here we have the ambassador dying of smoke inhalation

And here, no, he did not die at the consulate, or in his car, or after being raped in the name of mohammed, NO, he died in a safe house he ran to when the consulate got attacked

And here we have the consulate itself being the safe house

Here we have the Marines not able to protect an embassy or consulate because Obama says they can't have ammo

Here we have the Marines themselves saying that story is BULLSHIT (believe me, it is, it takes an act of Congress to deny the Marines ammo.) This fraud was fronted because there is no way any U.S. embassy or consulate could have been over run to give this entire uprising story plausibility if the marines were armed, any U.S. installation overseas, temporary or not, is a defacto military base, and they don't screw up like this.

When I hit so many inconsistencies in a story, I call B.S. on the whole thing. But wait, there is more.

Evidently, the FED has teleport technology to allow two buildings miles apart to act as one. Either that, or the various news agencies can't even get the location of the consulate straight, proof of a bullshit story.

The Daily Mail says it's here

And the Guardian says it's here (you have to click the little arrow that says next to make their animation work.

And the Department of State, as well as ALL other embassy listing web sites, Google, and Google maps says it does not exist at all

But that wont cut it when you need a bullshit location, which is needed to make it impossible for you to be called on your bullshit story, but before you spew your bullshit, at least agree on where it is based.

Here is a little map to help them get it straight.

Now about that protest, that culminated in the attack. More bullshit.

Here we have a massive angry mob storming the "consulate"

And here we have a security guard saying that before things went boom, there was "not even an ant". Now, this is only a partial listing of all the inconsistencies in the story, which in fact are so vast that I'd spend a week typing them. But from what is here, it should be easy to see that the mass media just spewed a steaming ocean of BULLSHIT wide enough to spawn a hurricane.

And that begs the question, WHY?

Here is the answer, and you won't hear it reported. Now, this is a made up answer, I have no secret sources. But we know the official story is pure B.S., yet we have testimony of people on the ground that is believable, especially that of the security guard who said that things were quiet before the attack. I don't think that is a false report, which would mean that there WAS an attack. So let me make a guess here.

The Ambassador went to Bengasi for a short vacation. He had a friend who had an elaborate mansion, and he was there to relax for a while. The Mossad is all over Libya right now, and they pegged his phone conversations. Since a media blitz against Muslims was in the works, they knew they had the ambassador by the balls in an unsecured civilian house, which would normally be perfectly safe absent your phone getting tapped by a band of well armed murderers. A death of a prominent figure during the "protests" would be just the ticket to kick the propaganda into overdrive.

So they wait until night fall, arrive unannounced, and create their story. Who knows what happened, the media accounts are all over the map. There is no way to extract anything solid from what the media has said. So we don't have the details but we do know that whatever was spewed had a purpose, right at prime time for war with Iran. There is no consulate in Bengasi. This is a fabrication, and any reference to it is based on it being "temporary". This helps when dealing with the Libyan government with this story, with any problems ironed over with the phrase "it's too new to know about". There was a previous bombing wag the dog related to this very "consulate" that totally flew under the radar several months prior. No one called foul, so they figured it would work for the big show. Most likely the ambassador had a pattern of going there to relax.

The fact that it was just a regular house would explain why there were no marines, no cars other than only one for a very large facility, no flag pole, no placard, no NOTHING to show it was a consulate, not even any office furniture. It would explain why it was so far from the city center, where a consulate should be. The pictures show a house, and that is ALL. This alternate story would explain why there is no embassy vehicle present, which would have had bullet proof glass that would survive the fire, and heavy armor plating in front of the radiator, yet in the videos you can see flame right through the front into the engine compartment. That vehicle was not armored, and ALL ambassadors travel in armored cars. Another big hole in the story. And when there are only lies to go on in the press, the pictures really can say a lot.

Bengasi "consulate" was a CIA base

First of all, no ambassador died at Bengasi, and if one did, SHOW ME THE FUNERAL. The press got so wagged up in the many permutations of their wag the dog, that they totally missed the funeral. All they published was a picture of 4 coffins that arrived in America on Sep 14, three days after the event. Coffin means BURIAL. Forensics were FINISHED. COFFIN MEANS NO REFRIGERATION, HE IS ROTTING, PUT HIM IN THE GROUND. It has been a month now, Yet no funeral for the ambassador. THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA BLEW IT.

The truth? Something happened at a CIA base located in Bengasi. Someone did die there. The coffins were sent to America. Those funerals were reported. None were for an "Ambassador." There was no consulate in Bengasi. The Department of State web site proves it.

Extrapolation? A politically inconvenient individual was lured into a CIA base and the CIA vacated and blew him up. This is proven in part by the fact that Fox and others at least now admit, WAY TOO LATE that there was a CIA presense there, something I stated long ago. But the hard evidence is in the fact that there was only one car there, and it was not a diplomatic car. If the CIA employees were also there and the place got attacked, as Fox reported, there would have been more burned cars. U.S. government employees with U.S. citizenship do not take the bus in hostile areas. They all have cars, and there should have been a parking lot full of burned out shells. The fact that there was only one would indicate that the CIA left prior to their dirty deed the same way the ATF vacated the Murrah building before blowing it up.

The fact that the only car at the scene got burned and was ordinary, which revealed the fact after everything burned away that it wastotally lacking the armor plating that all diplomatic cars have proves there was no ambassador there, he did not take the bus and no one borrowed his car.

Additionally, now that Fox spilled the beans and said the CIA was there, why did the attackers leave the CIA alone? If you are going to hit a place with mortars, and then go in and burn it, why leave the CIA alone? Another miss. And it can't be said that the CIA section was somehow secure, because ALL the media outlets said the entire place was built to "residential standards". And you mean to tell me the CIA had no guns? Forget the lie about the Marines. The CIA had guns. Where are the bodies of the attackers? There should have been a few.

No one is thinking now, and thinking is a KEY PART of getting to the bottom of a story.

The bengasi fraud is now taking the form of a schizoid info squid, with so many tentacles of lies you can't tell which one is going to slap you next. And this schizophrenic story is serving an entirely new purpose now, and that is To cause partisan anger and keep the different factions of the truth movement at war with each other, a war which will produce absolutely no useful outcome because it is all based on disinfo and lies.

Obama this, Obama that, Obama BULLSHIT, he had nothing to do with this and is playing the cute little puppet to distract EVERYONE away from other cold hard realities that really should be in the spotlight. If they are pumping a lie and extending it for huge amounts of time, there is a reason, and it wont result in an impeachment unless they somehow find Obama inconvenient for some other reason. It's all a psy op. How can anyone miss this?

I am currently trying to dredge up the entire report, which seems to have been lost. I had EVERYTHING, the aerial layout, the exact car, and all the details. this was a huge report and for some reason I can only find pieces and not the original.

Here is a bit of the original quality, that I can't find on my own server but other people copied and pasted out.

Jim writes . . . After spending hours on the topic of the “Islamic uprising”, I have hit a wall of frustration. The conflicting B.S. coming out of the media with regard to this topic has made it impossible to get a solid stab at the monster. Here is what I know for sure at this time:

  1. There is no great Islamic uprising occurring, especially over a movie which is now proven to not exist.
  2. It appears from the photos of the Sydney protest that it was staged. I am going to be making a few calls today to get what people on the ground there are saying.
  3. There is no Benghazi consulate. Instead, someone rented a very nice home on the outskirts of town and trashed it. This would be Mossad all the way. None of the stories match, so many different versions of this story are out there, even in the “official” press that it is obvious there is no root of truth to any of it. There are way to many obvious conflicts here to post and have people read through. In short,

A. The “embassy vehicle” is not an embassy vehicle. The Ambassador came from an embassy. The U.S. embassies, especially in hostile areas, and Libya would be one, always send diplomats around in armored cars with bullet proof glass. What is burned up in the photos is just an ordinary civilian car with normal glass. And if it is not the one the “diplomat” used to get there, where is his car?

B. I and others at this site managed to pull up articles related to the previous test run wag the dog regarding this “consulate”. One of these articles stated that the “consulate” opened in 2011, yet no where on the Department of State web site was this “consulate” listed.And the press is being careful to label it as “temporary” so they can maintain the excuse that it is not in any record. But 2011? If it was there since 2011 according to an Australian newspaper, well, it’s September 2012 now, exactly what do they call “temporary?”

C. None of the photos show a consulate. They show a fancy house. And not just any fancy house. According to the scale provided by the guardian, the house is approximately 10,000 square feet, and has an additional 3,000 square foot extension. So at this “consulate”, which as a “consulate” would need a maximum of 2,000 square feet to function, we have 13,000 square feet, and a total of 4 people who arrived in one car temporarily “staffing” it. Yeah. Right. Such an enormous size would spaciously employ at least 125 people in their own 100 square foot office. Where are the rest of them? If over 9 months is not enough to get people there to staff it, especially in a country where you would want it staffed, how much time is enough? Why would any “consulate” be so freaking huge? That alone is bullshit.

D. In one of the stories, we have mortars. In another, we have “it burned to the ground” (a flat impossibility, it was concrete). In another story, we have it got flamed. That definitely did happen, but what about the other two stories? Where are the holes in the concrete from it getting shelled?

E. And, why is there a washing machine thrown into the swimming pool? Why is there trash strewn everywhere? Where is the flag pole? Is 9 months not enough to put one in? Where is the consulate placard, that all consulates have? Would a mob take the time to trash the place thoroghly in such a way? Folks, there is not even a temporary flag holder on the front, a requirement for any embassy or consulate. There is no trashed office furniture, no smashed office equipment, and if the looters were there to steal, why is a fancy front load washer at the bottom of the pool? That alone proves the place did not get robbed, so where is the rest stuff it should have? It would not have burned in it’s entireity, the governement uses too much metal office equipment, and what about the metal shells the computers would have had?

F: And then we have the location. This “consulate”, which is supposed to perform ONE FUNCTION – handle paperwork so people can travel, had 13,000 square feet in a city of around 600,000 population and is located out in the middle of NOWHERE. From a functional standpoint, its placement is so stupid that by itself is a red flag. The appropriate arrangement for a consulate would be a 7/11 store sized rental unit on the third floor of an office building in the heart of the city.

On top of this, the various news agencies can’t even get the location of the consulate straight, proof of a bullshit story.

The Daily Mail says it’s here

And the Guardian says it’s here (you have to click the little arrow that says next to make their animation work.

Since the consulate is a fiction, both pictures will do because no one is going to be able to check up on the story anyway. Last I heard, the State Department is no longer answering questions with regard to the embassy, probably because people can’t figure out where it really is.

I’ll make a guess, with regard to the “consulate,” [as to] what happened.

There was an affluent white guy, who had sympathies for the Libyan people after America destroyed them and was going to help them. Sources state he was a Muslim. He had a nice pad built, and perhaps was a billionaire. Because America and Israel hate such types, they raided and burned his home and murdered him, and then paraded his body on camera in a filthy false flag. That’s what I really think happened. But don’t say I said it publicly because there is no way you will find this documented anywhere. That little story is a fiction, who cares. At least it is not a lie because I told you it was a guess.

But it’s more accurate than the “official story, because it at least explains why the car was a normal car, and why there was only 1 instead of 50. The lack of office equipment or anything else, for all I can perceive the place had just finished being built and had not had much furniture moved in yet. And the scamming media can’t get in on that and say it now, that the consulate had just been built because they already said it was a rented house and at least one of them said it had been occupied since 2011. They can’t agree on what neighborhood it was in.

As for the rest of the scam, the zionist media now has the Muslim world rebelling over a movie that never existed. So that lie has been bagged. This means that any “protests” are likely staged for the cameras, and any video of mass protests is probably stock footage.

This begs the question then, why?

Why would the zionist media be pumping a phony story about protests happening everywhere, instigating violence, and filling the television screens with flaming B.S., to scare the American people and the rest of the Western world, while whipping the Western world into a state of hate?

I can tell you why. It’s because there is a false flag terror event imminent, which will probably happen on the 16th (coordinated universal time). I am not into predicting dates, but they have to make music now that the song is playing, before people get bored with the tune. They have a window of opportunity to use, and it won’t be very wide. They already got busted for the cause of these uprisings being a nonexistent fake, and the clock is ticking on how long it will take for the masses to figure it out.

Many people have figured out the false flag terror game, so the Zionists need to create a plausible believable environment to frame the next false terror event in to make people believe Muslims may actually have done it despite so many people having knowledge of false flags.

People won’t realize that before all of this happened, that Israel had already mobilized their military in preparation for an attack on Iran. The Israeli soldiers have already visited the wailing wall three days ago to pay their last respects to God, and have already mobilized for a major conflict. Why? And why does it coincide with a massive media lie campaign to turn world opinion against Muslims?

Think about that. I just had to rant to get the framework laid out, and will work on linking all this stuff in later. But there will be a major horrific false flag soon if the word of this is not spread and attached to all these phony staged riots. I am not going to get into the permutations of what form that attack could take.


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