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And now the following, which triggered the slander attack from Mister Mac - THEY HATE THIS, ARCHIVE AND POST!

Coming soon - insider tips on how these people infiltrate, subjugate, and achieve "extremely disproportionate influence" over victim societies. For now, (one more day) I am keeping this top posted simply because of the backlash it caused.

People who are not aware of who really controls it all need to realize the importance of posts like the following letter to the Jewish man, and how much backlash they can create. The Jewish community tried to kill me twice in Vancouver simply for hearing this speaker I talk about in the following letter and subsequently leaving the Jewish community. There is not an ounce of BS to this, it's not a guess, conjecture, or an insider tip and it is MODERN, which makes it FAR BETTER than any outdated crap about the Jews. This happened in 2008. The Jews will never rebut with facts, they cut straight to slander, deleted mailboxes, death threats, false anonymous jailings and censored mail. My situation is what it is for two reasons - I nailed the topic of the 3/11 quake and Fukushima, and THE FOLLOWING:

A message to a Jewish man

This is a message to a Jewish man who e-mailed me a couple weeks ago, questioning why I said the Jews were out to destroy education. He said he had never witnessed this and asked me to respond. I have not had time to, so I am going to issue my response as a post to this page because my time online is in very short bursts now. This will help me maximize the value of the time I do have.

My response:

It is possible, I guess, to live within the Jewish community and not know what is going on. One can be totally blind to many things, after all we all live under the government and few people know all the policies and laws.


It's pretty out in the open. The two synagogues I attended mostly were Sharrey Tefila and Beth Hamidrash - both located in Vancouver BC Canada. One thing I'd like to just put out in the open is that the most common Synagogue Siddur book, by Artscroll is full of this Jewish domination stuff, where every sabbath day prayers are read that basically amount to a proclamation that the Jews are creators and destroyers of nations, if you are not aware of this you probably don't attend services much. True, there is the obligatory prayer for the government of whatever nation they happen to be in, but in practice, in real life, they don't live that prayer and to confirm this one needs only to look at America's own federal government.

But now down to the sticky details -

I went through the final high holidays at Shaarey Tefila. I went over to Beth Hamidrash also and carried the Torah around in the circle one of the nights after doing it at Shaarey Tefila as well. They were very good to me, and up until the Kol Nidre I started to think all the internet stuff about Jews was a load of B.S., because after attending services for two years I saw little of it other than passing comments by the rabbis and the prayer book, which (obviously) is just a bunch of conjecture, right? Perhaps not.

I found the Kol Nidre to be very disturbing but was in the process of dealing with it - perhaps it was just conjecture as well, a misunderstanding of sorts, whatever, because the Jews for all I could see up to that point were great people.

Every day I attended services for the entire two years there was always a question if there were any visitors. And I was considered a visitor for two years. I did not know that when there are visitors, the content of the services was modified. That changed after carrying the Torah at Beth Hamidrash.

After a slight tiff with a girl at Shaarey Tefila, which was an orthodox synagogue I went over to Beth Hamidrash, a Sephardic synagogue which was across the street and I occasionally went to anyway. And that day there was a speaker from out of town.

And the question went out - are there any visitors? And a few guys said NO, and one guy said, well, what about him - and pointed to me. And a whole bunch of them said no, he's one of us, and there was a little disagreement which landed on a unanimous HE'S ONE OF US. And then I got to see a REAL Jewish service.

The speaker went on and on, in great detail about how the Jews had gained "extremely disproportionate influence" over everything - the schools, the medical system, the media, the libraries, EVERYTHING, the list was long, and the speaker's point was that with all of this "extremely disproportionate influence" that everyone had to double down on their efforts and make good and sure that EVERYTHING, government policies, the media, and public opinion, and economics went entirely in favor of the Jews. And libraries and education were major stress points in his speech, as well as the medical systems and medical policies.

Obviously then, if the Jews have extremely disproportionate influence over the libraries and schools and they are going to shit, the Jews are responsible. Pretty simple stuff, don't you think?

Time is up, I am leaving this location.