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Tainted Nightmare

Upcoming article: Mutation via Vaccination

A new generation of vaccines has been developed, which uses viral carriers to insert DNA into cells and permanently change individuals who recieve them, as well as all subsequent generations, forever.

DR Sarah Stone, Pharm-D has raised my awareness to a new type of vaccine which is soon to be normalized, which can permanently modify an individual's genetics with immediate results. Many readers will know that viruses replicate by inserting their genetic code into cells, which commands those cells to produce more viruses.

New genetic technology has been developed which uses this characteristic of viruses to insert DNA into living cells to modify what they become while only instructing the cells to produce a few viruses (to infect other cells) and not overwork the cell to the point of killing itself. This allows a modified cell to replicate into something other than what it was originally intended to be.

Could it make a scenario such as "The Fly" a reality? According to Sarah Stone, if not now, soon.

This article will be a team effort and will post in the near future.

To those of you who have read Revelations well enough to know the prediction of some pretty weird monsters, this technology will probably be what does it.

For now, here is a real interesting Alex Jones video about a similar technology. Alex is a little off with this, but at least he is onto it! This is the best reference to a similar technology you can find anywhere. This makes me believe is a victim of infiltrating shills, rather than a dishonest Alex.

Did the Dimona Dozen murder the Fukushima 50?"

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