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Tainted Nightmare

People asked me to clarify the executive order

The executive order was number 12058, and it put in place the Nuclear non-proliferation act of 1978.

There was NEVER a safety related issue with the technology, and never a meltdown of any sort associated with it. This fits the context in which the engineer spoke. This confirms that a "wag the dog" scenario really was put forth to the public to avoid dissent toward the banning of this miracle technology, a wag the dog the shills repeat OVER AND OVER. It's a lie folks, and I will prove it right here!

The excuse given in the "act" associated with the executive order was that the process was perfect for producing plutonium, and the FED wanted to avoid the possibility of plutonium spreading around the world for use in nuclear weapons. No mention as to its safety is made at all in the bill, which would be expected if it was a legitimate excuse to shoot the technology down.

There is a major flaw in the concept of non proliferation. First of all, the technology had already been developed, and was the sole property of an American corporation. So using this technology in America, which already had LOTS AND LOTS of plutonium, would not have been any more of a threat than what was already here. So the excuse for banning the technology was a LIE.

Reagan later over turned this executive order, but then an excuse was made that we really could not do it after all, it was EXPENSIVE!. I am going to flatly state that the technology got buried or destroyed in the 10 year interim where it was out in limbo, and the ban was lifted only after EVERY LAST TRACE of how it should be done was physically destroyed, and every last document associated with it was shredded. After that, the only thing needed to keep it quiet would be the usurpation of GE, and transfer of the engineers involved so they never get to re-develop it.

Other nations have developed versions of the technology and are using it right now, but what they have cannot approach the elegance and perfection of what this engineer described. I believe America had the holy grail of nuclear technology, and it really was taken from us. What others have cannot be described as the closing of the "nuclear loop".

A link to an abbreviated version of that treaty is here and it is a tough one to dig up. Nothing ANYWHERE specifically states the technology was banned, but the implementation of the treaty amounts to a de-facto ban. This is what killed it.

It is interesting then that the reactor engineer specifically stated that Carter made the case that the process was not safe and THAT is what led to the ban. So I would be willing to bet that there was something else going on which remains classified to this day; but as the "official" culprit, this act is what did it. And please note where I had to go to get even an abbreviated version. $! CHINA. They are THAT worried about having screwed us!

Here is Carter's speech about his enactment of this abomination, where as usual, safety and security are used as an excuse to destroy. I am sure if you found my site you know that game!

Here is a supporting book, I could not dredge up the full text of the actual bill, only an abbreviated version. There is somthing fishy here. If you find the actual bill with the full text, send me the link and I will put it here.

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