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Why is Israel seeming to try to meet a world war deadline?

The zionists are spewing more lies than ever, with two fake beheadings, a story about 11 stolen jet liners from Libya which could not possibly be true, the theft of flight 370 and subsequent shoot down of "MH17" with rotting corpses as passengers, and many many more obvious lies and acts of desperation. All during a blood moon tetrad, which has, in the past, had a history of spelling disaster for Israel. I have a hunch Israel and zionists in general are lashing out at reality, hoping to make this tetrad beneficial rather than a time of disaster. And they will fail.

One has to question why the beheadings were so poorly done, and the Isis scam so transparent. This time around it is all going different than before, the ISIS scam is being fronted at a time when the world is hitting a peak of awareness towards this type of false flag effort. The fact that even one government leader has stood up and stated in no uncertain terms that ISIS is sponsored by the West means a tipping point has been reached, where if the lie continues to be pushed there could well be a very hot war, possibly even nuclear and the wrong people will be targeted, at least according to zion.

Why would Israel and the zionists push hate disinfo so hard now, beyond a level that has any rational basis?

I believe it is for religious reasons related to the current blood moon tetrad, which is now in progress. I believe they believe they now have to meet a do or die timeline and spark world war 3 or a massive die off via ebola - something, anything to put the world in complete disarray, or Israel will be finished before the tetrad is over. The world is onto their lies, and it is a matter of time before Israel fails to survive it. Interesting it is that ISIS has never threatened Israel, is it not?

They are crazy, religiously fanatic, and that makes them VERY dangerous

I had initially dismissed the redacted Fox news report about a new 911 happening this year as being possibly spurious, but with another obvious lie - the theft of 11 long range jumbo jets from Tripoli airport to front a new false flag with, a new 911 appears all the more probable.

Images of the Tripoli airport attack, after which it was reported by ONE news source that these jets got stolen, (to provide a plausible front for a new 911) pretty much prove that there is no way anything flew out of there at the hands of the attackers:

The bottom line is that too many airplanes were destroyed or damaged in the attack for 11 to fly out for a future terror attack, and of those that survived, many were flown to other airports for repairs and were fully accounted for. Additionally, during the initial reports, There was no mention whatsoever of any planes getting stolen only that many were damaged or destroyed. This leaves approximately ZERO for terrorists to truly get their hands on for a new 911.

Once again, like a fake beheading, the liars do not know when to stop lying and spew in a way that is easily busted. Had they kept the stolen number down to perhaps three planes, it may have been believable and able to survive scrutiny. I believe I have shown here that the 11 stolen planes HAS TO BE FAKE, let's see if they continue to push the obviously fake. That will be key to knowing if, for real, Israel is going to do another 911.


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