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Digital Stepping in the
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Jimstonefreelance article
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Tainted Nightmare


Find True Media Project

There is a problem in the "alternative" media now, and it is far more severe than people realize. Many sites with truthful roots have been usurped and steered towards being limited hang outs - sites that are more truthful than for example CNN and FOX, but still maintain public knowledge to a "safe" level. Limited hang out sites will parrot widely known truths that are damaging, but tend to avoid posting new subjects until they are too well known to hide from intelligent people.

The Fukushima report on this site has proven to be an accurate litmus test for who is real truth and who is controlled opposition. I say "controlled" because several sites posted the Fukushima report, and were quickly coerced out of it by the powers that be. The sites listed here had the balls to stand up to the elite and take whatever damage came their way

I will then build a database of who was or was not truthful enough to post it, and make it a matter of online public record.

Proven truthful internet media, I bet you have not seen a few of these:

These sites are most likely real truth sites, and may or may not be totally accurate in their attempt. is as stripped down as it gets. But what it does have is an endless stream of stuff you have likely never seen before. Expect to spend a month on your first hit - its all good stuff and even better, Degaray posts it ALL and lets YOU decide.

Project Camelot Project camelot has a nice looking site with work from various authors. A bona fide truth site and a must see

Alexander Higgins Blog Alexander Higgins is right up there with Mike Rivero in content delivery, and I have not yet confirmed a bias in reporting. Until I do, he remains at the top

Natural News Natual news is an extremely responsible truth site. It's only drawback is that it is mainly a health site. It is excellent though - expect great research you can trust every time

David Icke Why would I list Lizard man? Because he is a bona fide truther with a massive site and excellent forums. A must hit if you have not been there before, MAKE SURE YOU HIT THE FORUMS.

Abel Danger This site focuses on the financial conspiracies and the City Of London district - aka Rothchild's park, and will give you a perspective you will not get elsewhere. It would be a much better known site if it was a .com and the abel was spelled able. These guys appear to have electronic warfare capabilities, though they never told me that; it only makes sense with some of the stuff they say. They blew the lid off the insurance scam at Fukushima - similar to what happened financially on 911 Sterling D Allen's energy site is a must visit. Every alternative energy attempt which both failed and made it shows up here first. Did you know that 6X over unity has been accomplished and is in production? Probably not if you never visited this site. Mike Rivero's powerhouse can at times be amazing, and he is probably the best news aggregator and commentator there is. He is intellectually honest and seeks the truth to the best level one man can go. Though he sometimes harps anti zionism too much, he is a great daily news hit, one of the finest news aggregators there is and firmly ahead of Drudge.

Second rate truth sites - These have good stuff, but be careful because bias often rules the roost so much they could be limited hang-outs.

Rense Gotta put him here, because he has stuff you cannot find elsewhere. A proto truther. Rense happily ingores or mis-represents stuff that does not fit his bias, even when perfectly documented against it. Still a good hit. Infowars is an annoying site. It is sabotaged from within Joneses staff. Jones appears perfectly honest, and produces great and revolutionary stuff that has been researched out to the last digit. But saboteurs abound on his staff, and Jones does not "get it". Too bad, he got too big to do it all himself; the stuff HE does is un-stoppable.

Good search engines for finding hard truth Google hides: - elite owned, not as filtered, almost as powerful as Google. - moderately powerful, old truths can still be found. / yippy - Completely truthful but not powerful.


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My writing did not start with this site. I will fill in history over time by posting previous articles here

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