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Tainted Nightmare

Special Update for Japanese visitors.

This update includes the TRUTHFUL radiation maximums you should allow yourselves to be exposed to, which appear further down the page.

The disaster is far far worse than you have been told, because few people realize that nuclear weapons were used at Fukushima. I am not certain even TEPCO knows yet. The Japanese government DOES KNOW and I believe they are under threat to not tell the Japanese people. Germany has apparently figured it out also, and kicked all the Israelis out of their nuclear facilities and also shut down all the nuclear facilities that Israelis provided "security" for. Because nuclear weapons were used to blow Fukushima apart, the disaster is worse than Chernobyl. Fukushima Diiachi has a situation where exposed fuel is out in the open on the ground in large amounts. This has NEVER been reported in the "official" news, but my report, which uses photos America was never allowed to see on tv makes it obvious. I am guessing the Japanese were never allowed to see these photos either.

It appears that remote control spray trucks have succeeded at sealing in the radioactive dust from the explosions with what appears to be a borated water/glue mix, which brought the radiation levels down at the facility dramatically and will prevent dust from blowing out away from the facility and causing further contamination. The nearby zone around Fukushima Diiachi is destroyed forever, but if you are at present safe ACCORDING TO MY NUMBERS, NOT THE JAPANESE GOVERNMENT WHICH IS ALLOWING WAY TOO MUCH, stay where you are. All the damage is already done, it will not get worse. Whatever radioactive steam is coming out of the reactors now is NOTHING AT ALL compared to what happened when the nuke threw spent fuel everywhere. Japan is badly damaged from this, the wound has been delivered, it is up to the Japanese now to try to recover from this, which is no doubt the worst disaster Japan has ever faced.

It is possible to be out at Fukushima Diiachi without dying, provided you stay out of the area where the spent fuel got thrown. The video on this page proves it. However, there are places at Fukushima Diiachi OUTSIDE that will kill you before you walk across them. It's that bad. I suspect these areas caused the deaths out there. I will provide a map with this special Japanese report showing the areas outside that I believe will kill you when I am finished analyzing photos for that purpose.

The contamination is worse than Hiroshima and Nagasaki by far for many reasons. The main reason is that the nuclear weapons used at Hiroshima and Nagasaki did a good job of cleanly burning the nuclear fuel down to highly radioactive isotopes with short half lives, and the amount of nuclear material in a weapon is a lot less than in a fuel pool at a nuclear facility. The short half life isotopes produced by a nuclear weapon means that at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the radiation levels were dramatically less even a few months later. This will not be the case at Fukushima Diiachi and the entire Fukushima preficture.

Since the radioactive debris at Fukushima Diiachi is reactor fuel, the half lives are thousands of years for a large portion of the materials. This is because it is mainly Uranium and Plutonium, which have very long half lives. So the radiation will never go away for as long as you or your children live, the contamination levels will only drop as rain erodes the contaminated soil away. This will not happen in your lifetime - It could take thouands of years. Furthermore, there will be never ending problems with hot zones, where erosion and deposition concentrate radioactive materials in small areas that produce very high exposure levels. This would be mostly in places like storm drains and river beds.

There are enormous variations in stated threats from radiation exposure. Some sources say that 250 millisieverts a year have produced no ill health effects in populations subjected to that dosage, while others say that even small dosages produce damaging results. This report, produced by the world nuclear association makes it look like you could use a piece of a reactor core as a hood ornament on your car and be just fine your whole life. I would call this report an extreme understatement of the threat from radiation, I am only linking this to provide an opposing view. I find it completely implausible that 250 millisieverts a year can be found naturally in Iran and the people take it just fine, with no ill effects when uranium mine workers only get 20 millisieverts of exposure a year. In Russia, a pine forest died from Chernobyl, and plants can withstand a LOT more radiation than people can. The fact that Russia evacuated people at 5 millisieverts a year really makes the report suspicious. Russia has never been known as a champion of environmental health. But it is an alternative view, apparently well done.

The following evacuation calculations are for milliseverts PER YEAR.

I wrote these recommendations based upon my education, without using reference from ANY government agency in ANY nation, or any sources at all, because I do not trust them. After finishing my calculations I then looked at what Japan is recommending and was very surprised. MY NUMBERS ARE MAXIMUMS IN MY OPINION, AND ARE NEARLY IDENTICAL TO RUSSIA'S EVACUATION GUIDELINES FOR CHERNOBYL. THIS PROVES I GOT IT RIGHT. The Fukushima disaster is worse than I thought. THE JAPANESE GOVERNMENT'S EXPOSURE LEVELS MAY HAVE BEEN ISSUED IN DESPERATION

I hate to say this

50 millisieverts a year? 10x Russia's evacuation level for Chernobyl.

My original statement follows, I never dreamed the Japanese government would consider 50 milliseverts a year OK. I made no corrections to my original recommendations after seeing Russia's evacuation standards for Chernobyl, because my numbers are close enough and radiation exposure has a subjective factor.

I would not accept living in an area with 30 millisieverts PER YEAR, ABOVE normal background radiation. That would mean that if I lived to be 100 years old, I would have, over the course of my life, recieved a half lethal dose if I got it all in a day. DNA is pretty good at repairing radiation damage so I might not ever notice anything seriously wrong day to day HOWEVER, There are MANY little pieces of evidence which suggest 30 MSV/YEAR is more than just an increased cancer risk. Airline workers flying high altitude routes typically die at age 62 if they DO NOT retire at age 50, and their radiation exposure is usually a LOT less than even 10 msv a year. Whether or not early death in late retiring airline pilots can be blamed on high altitude radiation has never been proven or disproven, but THERE IS A REASON THEY DIE EARLY and I do not believe it is work related stress. They sit all day as a backup while the plane flies itself, and are usually only active during takeoff and landing. Furthermore, uranium mine workers who typically recieve 20 msv a year have dramatically increased cancer rates and early death, so while "official" sources say there is nothing to worry about, emperical evidence suggests otherwise. I would never live in a location with 30 MSV a year, but I would drive through it if it was not every day.

I might consider working a job in an area with an exposure level of 10 millisieverts PER YEAR, above background levels if I could drive home to an area that had zero. If I both lived and worked in such an area it would mean that over a course of a lifetime I would receive radiation exposure that would make me sick if I got it all in a day, but I would recover from it eventually. While living in such an area, I would not notice anything wrong. But I would be at an increased risk of cancer. If I did not get cancer, my life would be pretty much normal, but the chance of getting cancer would be higher than otherwise. If I did not already own a home in such an area, I would not move into one there, but would not move out in a hurry either. I might take a year to finally decide to leave and would definitely eventually leave.

I would feel pretty much safe at an exposure level that was 3 millisieverts a year above normal background radiation. You have to make choices in your life, and what you consider a risk. Driving would be a similar risk to the radiation. I would be more at risk for cancer, but how much more would need to be considered. I of course would rather live in an area that was zero radiation above background, but I would buy a home in such an area if it was advantageous. People who live at high elevations and airline pilots usually get more than this per year. Consider 3 milliseverts a year a safe level.

If the radiation level above background was 1 millisievert a year, I would be aware I lived in a contaminated area. I would go to bed at night with only a casual thought of being in an area that saw a disaster, and not really let it bother me. Of course I would rather be in a location that was at zero above background, but would never consider one millisievert a year to be a threat.

If the radiation level was 500 microsieverts over background per year, I would consider myself to be living in a contaminated area, with a virtually non existent threat. I would be very likely to ignore it entirely. Major cosmic events could possibly exceed this dosage.

If the radiation level was 100 microsieverts over background PER YEAR I would not consider myself to be living in a contaminated area. I would know the radiation level was higher than average background but I would never give it a thought. DNA is good enough at repairing itself to pretty much eliminate any cancer risk. Cosmic events could expose me to more radiation than this.

Here are the numbers, when calculated in exposure per hour:

30 millisieverts/year = 3.422 microsieverts/hour EVACUATE ASAP, safe to drive through and visit for a short time.
10 millisieverts/year = 1.141 microsieverts/hour EVACUATE AT YOUR CONVENIENCE, BUT DEFINITELY EVENTUALLY LEAVE.
5 millisieverts/year - Russia's evacuation threshold
3 millisieverts/year = 342 nanosieverts/hour My calculated evacuation threshold. 5 could be OK.
1 millisievert/year = 114 nanosieverts/hour
500 microsieverts/year = 57 nanosieverts/hour
100 microsieverts/year = 11.4 nanosieverts/hour

Keep in mind that my advice is subjective, and that there is no radiation exposure that presents zero risk. Radiation does not work that way. Consider this the advice of an intelligent man who cares about those who read this and wants to avoid undue panic in Japan. I also want to provide advice to the Japanese people that will help them avoid situations that are definitely dangerous. Now that the Fukushima article has had thousands of reads in Japan I have a responsibility to inform, and hopefully these numbers will not ruin too many lives. I really hope the numbers there are not higher than this where you live, if any number is near or over 20 millisieverts/year, I would move as soon as possible in every case.>

THE ONLY WAY SUCH HIGH RADIATION LEVELS COULD EXIST IN JAPAN IS IF A NUCLEAR WEAPON BLEW FUEL POOLS AWAY. JAPAN IS THE VICTIM OF AN ACT OF WAR. THERE IS SIMPLY NO OTHER WAY. Indeed it is much much worse than I thought, even knowing there was a nuke. Your nuclear program was much much better than Russia's and was delivered a disaster worse than Chernobyl. It was an act of war by a foreign country because Japan offered to enrich uranium for Iran.

I strongly suggest individual cities and wealthy people buy their own geiger counters. This can provide comfort if the government is telling the truth, and a warning if they are not. Expect to pay four digits USD for a good one and remember, they need scheduled calibration

The video will appear here when I link it.


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